Sten MK 3 barrel bushing(s)

$30.00 - $60.00
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Price shown is for a single bushing. Replacement barrel bushings for the Sten MKIII.
No rivet holes have been drilled. Made of 1018 Steel
Can be ordered as a pair or sold individually.

Rear bushing measures:

Outer diameter = 1.3755" 1-3/8"
Hole for chamber side of barrel = 0.602"
Thickness = 0.226"
Front bushing measures:

Outer diameter = 1.3755" 1-3/8"
Hole for muzzle side of barrel = 0.459"
Thickness = 0.156"
The rear bushing is pictured on the left, front bushing is on the right in both pictures. Barrel is not included.



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